This post is in response to one of my followers who asked this question:

“Here is one that came up at our Bible study tonight: is it right to judge someone when they are being prideful or arrogant? We looked at Romans 14:1-13 and 1 Corinthians 5:1-3 to try to find out. I couldn’t find out.”

Well, this is a tough one. I think that a sin as pride is a very small but active sin (James4:161 John 2:16). It is one of the sins that is the root of other sins. I think it is appropriate to reprimand another for being prideful, but only after you have  taken the pride out of your own heart (Luke 6:42).  If someone is being prideful in a way that could hurt themselves, or worse, others, I think it is appropriate to talk to them about it. However, do it gently. Who likes to be told they are doing something wrong?

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About Hudson

I live in Indiana. I enjoyed playing soccer all four years of high school. I co-captained and won the MVP award my senior year. I also have created many film projects, the most extensive of which won a film festival award for Best Cinematography during my senior year. It is a 10-minute short film called Café Encounter and can be watched on YouTube. I have been actively involved in my youth group and am a leader for a middle school boys group on Sunday mornings. I was also blessed to go on two mission trips to Belize and Ecuador respectively. Belize really awakened my faith in Christ and pushed me towards active obedience and love for God. Ecuador gave me a life-changing perspective on missionary work and has helped me to view myself as a missionary in my every day life, but especially with the intent of being a missionary to my work industry.

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