Is the Bible True?

If the Bible is true and without error, then Jesus Christ was the Son of God, fully divine and fully human, because the Bible claims He was (Mark 1:1). But, how do we verify that the Bible is true? Well, Jesus himself recited the Bible as authority of his work and verification of his person (Matthew 28:18). So if the Bible is true then Jesus is the Son of God, or if Jesus is the Son of God (meaning he cannot lie or be mistaken), then the Bible is true. So now we know how to verify all this. In order to find if the Bible is true, then, Jesus must be God, so, now we need to verify if he is who he claims to be (Mark 14:61-63). But before we do that I would like to touch on something.

If he is not, God and human, then not only is everything he said up in the air, then, the Bible is not true. The Bible is not true because it claims he is God come to earth in man’s form. And if the Bible is not true, then there is no way into heaven. Not even good works will get us there, because the only list of perfect behavior (ten commandments) is given by God in the Old Testament. But, if the Old Testament is not true anymore, then, that list of perfect behavior is not necessarily what will make the cut into heaven. Suddenly perfect is not perfect, and either Moses got the list wrong, or God is really not good (because in order to get into heaven we have to be like God in our actions, and if the list is fallible then God is not who he says he is), and God is really this flip god with temper and anger, and really gave us the wrong list on purpose for his enjoyment. And for all we know God just decides who goes to heaven and who doesn’t, but with this kind of God (temper, changes his mind, etc.) who really would want to go to heaven and endure the wrath of this god.

Ok, now to verify if Christ is who he claims to be. If Christ is who he claims to be then these claims have to be true,

a). He forgives us of our sins (read Matthew 9)

b). Jesus said he would die and come back to life (Matthew 12:40)

c). Our sins would have been forgiven if Jesus died on the cross and rose again. (Luke 5:24; Matthew 26:27-29)

No where in the Bible does it even hint to suggest that a mere man has the authority to forgive sins and take them out of our life. This immediately eliminates any chance of Jesus not being God and only being man appointed by God. Second if Jesus did not die and come back to life, he would be lying as he said he would. Third our sins have not been forgiven if Jesus is not God and he has not died on the cross and he has not risen from the dead. This explains why those who do not believe Jesus is God, find other ways or books to find a new way into heaven. But, as I’ve said, those ways do not work as the Bible is not reliable, and they expound from the Bible with their other beliefs.

One of the main, things that has to occur then, is for Christ to have died and began living again.  I will begin this discussion next post….

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About Hudson

I live in Indiana. I enjoyed playing soccer all four years of high school. I co-captained and won the MVP award my senior year. I also have created many film projects, the most extensive of which won a film festival award for Best Cinematography during my senior year. It is a 10-minute short film called Café Encounter and can be watched on YouTube. I have been actively involved in my youth group and am a leader for a middle school boys group on Sunday mornings. I was also blessed to go on two mission trips to Belize and Ecuador respectively. Belize really awakened my faith in Christ and pushed me towards active obedience and love for God. Ecuador gave me a life-changing perspective on missionary work and has helped me to view myself as a missionary in my every day life, but especially with the intent of being a missionary to my work industry.

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