Many times holiness and “perfect living” seem a little daunting, and maybe even boring. Why would anyone want to follow the 10 commandments. Besides the fact that God commands us to, why would you want do it? My sister proposed a very good idea to answer this question.

Suppose you are a musician. For some of you this may not apply, so for those of you who aren’t musicians just pretend you play the radio. You, being the musician that you are, have multiple instruments you can play. But your favorite one is the saxophone. You love playing it, especially in the evening. One day your parents come over to visit. As the day nears to an end you start to play your saxophone. After you have played for a while you notice that your dad is plugging an ear. It is the ear that he has a hearing aid in. You realize that the noise is hurting his ear, because your music is ringing and screaming too loudly in his ear. At this point you have a choice. You can either continue playing your music, hurting your father, and just pretend you don’t notice the pain on his face; or you can stop and kindly suggest to do something together a little more quiet.

This illustration is an everyday example of our activities in life. Everyday we do our habits, sometimes without even thinking; and some of those habits are sinful. God our Father is sensitive to sin. Because He is Holy, He cannot be with sin. When we sin, our sin separates us from Him; and because He wants to be with us, our sin hurts Him. Then we come to a choice. We can stop sinning because we love our Father and we don’t want to see him in pain (pain that may even compare to the pain God endured while Christ was on the Cross), or we can continue in our habits of sin. And when we continue, we not only hurt God but we also hurt ourselves.

So, out of love for our Heavenly Father, we should strive to be holy. But to be holy we must understand what it means.

Holiness is obeying God:

loving one another as He loved us

even when it’s against our own interests

sharing His love, even when it is inconvenient

finding ways to help those in need

holiness consists in thinking as God thinks and willing as God wills

When you give yourself wholly to God, He will make you wholly holy. Holiness is obeying God.

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About Hudson

I live in Indiana. I enjoyed playing soccer all four years of high school. I co-captained and won the MVP award my senior year. I also have created many film projects, the most extensive of which won a film festival award for Best Cinematography during my senior year. It is a 10-minute short film called Café Encounter and can be watched on YouTube. I have been actively involved in my youth group and am a leader for a middle school boys group on Sunday mornings. I was also blessed to go on two mission trips to Belize and Ecuador respectively. Belize really awakened my faith in Christ and pushed me towards active obedience and love for God. Ecuador gave me a life-changing perspective on missionary work and has helped me to view myself as a missionary in my every day life, but especially with the intent of being a missionary to my work industry.

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