A Lesson From Merry and Pippin

With the decline of our once great nation, one often wonders, “What can one individual do? What can I do to make a difference? One vote won’t really do much, why do it at all?” When the Founding Fathers created this nation they understood our sinful nature and puts checks in the government to stop its tendency to abuse power. This was done by placing the political power in the hands of citizens who were themselves trained by Christian churches with biblical morality. However this task often seems overwhelming and impossible. What can one person do to make a difference among millions?

“J.R.R. Tolkien provides an answer. In a scene from The Two Towers, Pippin and Merry entreat the peace-loving Ents (ancient trees that walk and talk) to join the battle against the forces of the evil Sauron [and Saruman]. When the trees refuse, Pippin tries to solace Merry by saying, “Maybe Treebeard is right. We don’t belong here, Merry. This is too big for us. What can we do in the end? We’ve got the Shire. Maybe we should go home.” Merry replies with desperation in his voice, “The fires of Isengard will spread, and the woods of Tribru and Buckland will burn. And all that was once great and good in this world will be gone.”” (Understanding The Times, David Noebel, 480.)

Merry sure understood correctly. If we don’t act while we still have the political freedom to (freedom of speech) then some day a power-play of political correctness will eliminate our freedoms and enslave us. All that was once good of Western civilization will be eaten up by the fires of Humanism. We can’t let our assumptions that our country has already “gone too far” dictate our freedoms left. We cannot get swallowed up in the flood of millions. We need to fight for every inch left of free soil in this land!

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About Hudson

I live in Indiana. I enjoyed playing soccer all four years of high school. I co-captained and won the MVP award my senior year. I also have created many film projects, the most extensive of which won a film festival award for Best Cinematography during my senior year. It is a 10-minute short film called Café Encounter and can be watched on YouTube. I have been actively involved in my youth group and am a leader for a middle school boys group on Sunday mornings. I was also blessed to go on two mission trips to Belize and Ecuador respectively. Belize really awakened my faith in Christ and pushed me towards active obedience and love for God. Ecuador gave me a life-changing perspective on missionary work and has helped me to view myself as a missionary in my every day life, but especially with the intent of being a missionary to my work industry.

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