About this blog

Hi, my name is Hudson. Thank you for visiting my blog! The purpose of this blogsite is for me. For me to get my thoughts together and form them on “paper”. But, this blogsite is also for YOU. For you to think about some of the world’s most important questions and topics. Why do I exist as a person? Is there a God? Why is there evil and suffering or is there? What is the nature of man? What happens to me when I die? What is the Nature of the Universe? What or Who is the basis for right and wrong? Did Jesus exist? Is the Bible reliable? It is meant for YOU to dig deeper into life. Maybe it will shatter what you believe, or maybe it will confirm it. It will give you a different perspective. Lastly, it might completely transform the way you think. But that is up to YOU. Do you dare look at life more deeply? Why Do You Believe?


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