Soul Saving and Spirituality

Is the church’s single-minded emphasis upon rescuing souls hampering the growth of the church?

For many individuals this will seem like a very controversial question and whom would say that obviously the more souls that are saved, the larger the growth of the church. However, I would like to question that assumption and suggest that this mindset hampers an individual’s spiritual growth.

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Mission Trip

I am excited to go on a mission trip to Belize! For those who are interested, here is my itinerary:

Thursday: 3am-4pm travel to Belize. 7pm Welcoming Service at church.

Friday: 9am-12pm Service Project, 1pm-3pm visit stores, 4pm-6pm Sports ministry, 7pm-9pm Youth ministry.

Saturday:  (same as day before except for following) 1pm-4pm Home Visits

Sunday: 9am-12pm Sunday school and church, 1pm-6pm Mayan ruins tour, 7pm-9pm church

Monday afternoon ( up till 3pm same as Friday): 4pm-5pm VBS, 6-7pm Sports ministry

Tuesday:(everything same as Monday except following) 1pm-4pm Home Visits

Wednesday: (same as previous except following) 1pm-4pm freetime

Thursday: (same as Monday except following) 1pm-4pm Home Visits, 7pm-9pm packing to leave

Friday: day on the beach (snorkeling, shopping, relaxing, etc.)

Saturday: fly home